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1 Desk, Teak, Designed by Mogens Lassen, " The den of Mr Penn, the editor, rosewood shoes, 3 drawers, made by Thorald Madsen Cabinetmakers, 1953 Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition

2 Sideboard, Teak, by IB Kofed-Larsen, Model 66 made by Faarup Moblefabrik, 4 Door, 4 Drawer

3 Sideboard, Rosewood, HW Klien, 2 Door

4 Easy Chair, Teak Framed, by Hans Wegner, Model AP16 for AP Stolen, Sold by Illums

5 Desk, Rosewood, Omann Jun, Model NR 75, 6 drawers

6 Sideboard, Rosewood, 3 sliding doors, 4 drawers

7 Dining Chairs, set of 6 Rosewood Highback, Designed by Arne Vodder for Sibast Mobler

8 Dining Chairs, set of 6 Rosewood Highback, Designed by Arne Vodder for Sibast Mobler

9 Easy Chairs, Pair of Oak Framed Early Chairs by Hans Wegner

10 Easy Chairs, pair of beach framed early France and Sons by Peter Hvidt

11 Dining Chairs, set of 6 Teak Framed, Model 75 Niels Moller Dining Chairs made by J.L Moller

12 Sideboard, Teak, 3 door

13 Easy Chairs, Pair of Oak framed chairs, by Jakob Berg, for Schou Andersen

14 Sideboard, Teak & Oak, Swedish, Designed by Yngvar Sandstrim, 2 doors, 5 drawers, 1.5mW

15 Statue, Large Solid Brass, Cranes

17 Easy Chair, Viynl and Rosewood Smokers chair, by HW Klien

18 Sideboard, Teak, Swedish, 2 doors, 4 drawers

19 sofa, Teak Framed, 3 seat, "Japan" model

21 Dressing Table and Stool, Rosewood, 2 drawers,

22 Easy Chair, Arne Vodder, Sibast, Rosewood and Brown Leather

23 Rocking Chair, Teak Framed, by Soren Georg Jensen,

24 Dining Chairs, Set of 6 Teak Framed Chairs

25 Easy Chair, Teak Frame, by Grete Jalk, Model 301 by France and Sons

26 Dining Table, Rosewood, oval ext, 3 leafs attributed to Arne Vodder

27 Reolsystem, Teak, 4 cabinets and shelving

28 Storage Cabinet, Teak, 2 door, Made by Randers, for Illum

30 Reolsystem, Teak, 4 cabinets and shelving

31 Dining Table, Rosewood, oval ext, attributed to Arne Vodder

33 Sideboard, Teak, 3 door/ 3 drawers

34 Cocktail Bar Unit, Walnut, Outfitted interiors

36 Sofa, Brown Leather 3 seat,

36 Sofa Set, Brown Leather, Wingback and Single Chair

37 Dining Table, Rosewood Extension

39 Coffee Table, Teak, abstract design

40 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

41 Coffee Table, Teak, Designed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mogaard Nielson, made by France and Daverkosen

42 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

44 Extension Dining Table, Teak,

45 Storage Unit, Rosewood, 90 w x 60cm H

47 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

49 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

50 2 x Teak Lidded storage boxes

51 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

53 Sewing Table, Rosewood, Cane wool and single drawer

56 Sewing Table, Rosewood, Cane wool and single drawer

57 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

58 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

59 Chest of Drawers, Rosewood, 4 drawers

60 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

61 Magazine Rack, Teak and Fabric

62 Easy Chair, Beech, Swedish

64 Writing Bureau, Rosewood, sliding writing, drawers

66 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

67 Sidetable, Rosewood,

68 2 x Bedside Cabinet, Rosewood, open shelf (needs restoring)

71 Easy Chairs, pair of Teak Framed

73 Chest of Drawers, Teak, 6 Drawers

75 Sidetable, Rosewood,

201 Danish Rosewood Sideboard-1.8m W by Omann Jun

202 Danish Rosewood Sideboard-2m W by Omann Jun

203 Danish Rosewood Dining Table, by Finn Juhl, Diplomat Table,72cm H x 191cm W x 95cm D, sits 8 Compfortably

204 Pair of Danish Easy Chairs and matching Foot stools, Teak Leg, arm rests and Purple and Black Upholstery with Black Viynl trim

205 3 x Danish Bookcase Units, Rosewood, by Poul Hundevad, with 2 door storage cabinet, and adjustable shelving unit above

206 6 x Danish Rosewood framed Dining Chairs, seats need reupholstering

207 5 x Danish Teak Extension Dining Tables (all need to be repolished)

208 Danish Sofa Set, 3 Seat black Leather sofa and Single Seat Easy Chair

209 Danish Rosewood Low Sideboard, 4 door, 5 drawer

210 Danish Teak Low Sideboard with 4 large sliding doors

211 Danish Teak Kitchen Hutch, Designed by Kai Kristiansen, 3 sliding doors, 2 pull doors, 5 drawers, all with Eye handles, Oak "A" Frame,

212 Danish Teak Low Sideboard, 4 sliding Doors, 4 Drawers, very much in the style Arne Vodder

214 Danish Teak Low Sideboard with 2 large sliding doors, 2 pull doors, with inbuilt cocktail cabinet section.

215 Danish Teak Low Sideboard with 3 large sliding doors

216 Danish Teak Low Sideboard, leather pull handles,4 drawers, 2 panel doors,

217 Danish Easy Chair, Teak Framed, white upholstery, designed by Finn Juhl, Model 248 (Grand Danious) High back design, made by Cado

218 Pair of Danish Cognac coloured, buffalo leather sofas

219 Danish Teak framed Easy Chair, by Grete Jalk for France and Sons

220 Danish Teak Office Desk, Model FM60 by Kai Kristiansen for Feballe Moblefabrik with floating bank of drawers

221 Danish Rosewood Chest of 6 drawers

222 Danish set of 6 Teak Dining Chairs, with fabric upholstery seat

223 Pair of Danish Teak Lamp Tables, Designed by Finn Juhl, "Diplomat series" Made by Cado

224 4 x Oak Framed Bar stools,

225 Danish Rosewood Extension Dining Table, Designed by Gunni Oman for Omann Jun Mobelfabrik

226 Danish Rosewood Office Desk, 6 drawers

227 Danish Rosewood Cased Grandfather Clock by Arne Hovmand-Olsen, the case opens up to useable storage shelves

228 Danish Low console/TV Stand, Rosewood, Made by Haslev Mobler, with underlying shelf. Custom built item Measures. H. 48 cm. L. 112 cm. W. 35 cm

229 Danish 3 seat Sofa, Purple Fabric upholstery

230 Danish Teak 7 drawer chest of drawers

231 3 x Danish Copper Hanging Pendant Lights

232 Danish Teak Top Drinks Trolley/Small TV stand with metal and ebonised base

233 Danish Coat Rack, by Nana Ditzel, for Kolds Savvaerk A/S painted white

235 Danish Teak 4 drawer chest of drawers

236 Danish Dining Table, Rosewood, extension, rectangular shape

237 Pair of Danish Teak bedside cabinets, single drawer and shelf

238 Danish Rosewood Office Desk, 4 drawer floating bank

239 Danish Filing System Cabinets, Oak construction, 1 x single bay and lockable and adjustable shelving

240 Danish Teak 6 drawer chest of drawers with drawer length handles

242 Danish Teak Square extension Dining Table

243 Danish Teak 7 drawer chest of drawers

245 Danish Open Bookshelf, Rosewood, by Poul Hundevad, adjustable shelving

246 Danish Open Bookshelf, Rosewood, by Poul Hundevad, adjustable shelving

247 Danish Teak Open Bookcase, adjustable shelves

248 6 x Danish leather dining Carver chairs, beech framed, leather seating

249 Danish Teak 4 drawer chest by Kai Kristiansen

250 Danish Easy Chair, Black leather and viynl covering with chrome star base

251 Danish Beech Framed easy chair, with green upholstery

252 Danish Teak 6 drawer office desk

253 Swedish Easy Chair and Stool, "Swedese Lamino"

255 Mid Century Sundial on Concrete base

256 Danish Teak Childrens Dressing Table, 2 drawers, mirror

257 Danish Rosewood A Shaped Open Bookcase, 1 fixed, 2 adjustable shelves

258 Modern Egg Chair, White Fibreglass and red leather seat

259 Danish Teak Open Bookcase, adjustable shelves, 2 sliding doors

261 Danish Teak 2 Drawer Sidetable, with cane undershelf

262 Danish Tile and Rosewood Console and matching Mirror

263 Danish Teak open bookcase, 2 sliding doors, 5 shelves

264 Danish Teak Writing bureau, with cylinder top, 3 big drawers and outfitted interior

265 Danish Teak Desk Chair, by Erik Kirkegaard, "Compass Chair"

266 Danish Teak framed Desk Chair, blue upholstery, wrap around teak back

267 Danish Teak and Oak Telephone Table, with two drawers

268 Danish Walnut chest of 4 drawers, brass handle

269 Pair of Maroon Viynl Armchairs

270 Danish Teak 6 drawer chest of drawers

271 Pair of Danish Copper Pendants Lights

272 Danish Poster Artwork, by Storm P circa 1940's " The Devil and the Clown"

273 Danish Art Work, Paul Aggar, 1971 "Blue Face"

274 Decorator Resin Dog on Skateboard Figure

275 Danish Art Work, Geometric Design

301 Low Sideboard, Rosewood, 2 sliding doors, 4 drawers, chrome handles, raised fin edging, by HP Hansen Mobelfabrik, Randers, 2400mm W, x 800mm h (extra 50mm edge, x 500mm D, exceptionally good quality

302 Rosewood Low Sideboard, 3 sliding doors and 5 drawers Measures 2000mm W x 460mm D x 830mm H (stamped at rear made in Denmark E20)

303 Low Sideboard, Rosewood, 4 doors,with one drawer fitted section, measures 2000mm W, x 460mm d x 870mm h, attributed to to Kurt Ostvig

304 6 x Rosewood Dining Chairs, Johannes Andersen, for Uldum Mobelfabrik, brown leather upholstery

305 Rosewood office desk by Kai Kristiansen, Model FM60 by Feballe Mobelfabrik, 1.80m L x 78cm H x 85cm D

306 Rosewood Drop Front Writing Bureau by Erling Torvits for Klim Mobelfabrik, measures 1220mm H x 1050mm W x 490mm D

307 Dining Table, Teak and Oak Designed by Poul Volther and made by FDB, sits 8-10

309 Teak Oval Extension Table, 2 leaves, needs to be restored,

310 Rosewood Open Bookcase/Display Unit with 4 sliding doors, 5 drawers, adjustable shelving, Measures 2030mm W 440mm D x 1600mm h

313 Pair of Copper Table Lights (been rewired)

315 Rosewood Trolley by Severin Hansen, made by Haslev Mobelfabrik, with Royal Copenhagen Tile Top

316 Pair of Teak Bedside Cabinets, 1 drawer and shelf

317 Teak Desk Chair,brown upholstery, fin shapped arm rests

318 Modern Chrome Framed Rocking Chair

319 Black Leather Highback Armchair by Hans Olsen, Model 500H, by CS Mobler

320 Rosewood Nest of Tables crossbaned edging, marked below Made in Denmark, Mobelintarsia No.22

322 Teak 4 drawer chest of drawers, Measures 800mm w x 400mm D x 700mmH

323 2 x Mid Century Danish Driving Signs

326 Oak Desk Chair, Fritz Hansen

327 Pair of Ceramic Soholm Bell Lights

329 Rosewood Lamp Table, BRDR Furbo

330 Pair of Copper Pendants Lights

332 Mid Century Norwegian easy chair, designed by Sigurd Ressell, Model Falcon ,made by Vatne Mobler, features chrome frame and brown leather seat, unusual to get the chrome frame, most are in wood

333 Mid Century Norwegian Coffee Table, designed by Sigurd Ressell, Model Falcon ,made by Vatne Mobler, features chrome frame and smoked glass top (minor chip to underside) measures 60cm x 60cm x 43cm H, unusual to get the chrome frame, most are in wood

334 Rosewood Easy Chair, designed by Svend Skipper,made by Skipper Mobler. The Model 91 or “Skipper” features original woolen purple upholstery, designed in 1953 The skipper is ultra rare to get in Rosewood

335 Ceiling Light, Louis Poulsen Snowball Pendant designed by Poul Henningsen

336 Teak Cocktail Cabinet, designed by Illum Wikkelsø,made by C.F. Christensen, a mirrored interior, glass shelf, lined with diamond frosted mirrors, bottle holders inside of each door, internal light 1960’s, Measures: 80cm x 40cm D x 100cm H

337 Pair of Mid Century Danish Easy Chairs, Wingback style, Congac coloured buffalo Leather, leather is in excellent condition, sprung seat, beach legs, as new condition, Measures 75cm W x 75cm D x 95cm H (43cm to seat)

338 Mid Century Danish Easy Chair, Designed by Hans Wegner "Plank Chair" (Model GE-290) and matching Stool, Oak Frame, produced by Getama, fabric in serviceable condition, Measures 75cm W x 86cm D x 95cm H (42cm to seat) stool is 48cm x 57cm x 32cm H

339 Mid Century Danish Rosewood Office Desk, Designed by Kai Kristenson, 6 drawers in a floating bank configuration,lockable top drawers Measures 140cm W x 70cm D x 73cm H

340 Mid Century Easy Chair, Designed by Pierre Jeanneret in 1928 for Le Corbisour, Model LC-1 "Sling Chair" Made by Cassina in Italy, features chromed steel frame with Cow hide seat and back rest, leather sling arm rests, marked to leg LC 21434

341 Set of 6 Mid Century Danish Oak Dining Chairs, Designed by Arne Jacobsen, model 3107, with oak ply seats, chrome base, made by Fritz Hansen in 1969, all marked below

344 Mid Century Swedish Standard floor Light, circa 1970s, made from polished chrome and Perspex, made by Fagerhults of Sweden, In as new condition, Measures 143cm H, 30cm Diam base and 50cm Diam shade, has been rewired and tested to Aust Stand

345 Four hand crafted Danish Wall tiles. This series is titled 4 Seasons, one tile of each of the four seasons series designed by Piotr Labuzek Baro. Made by knabstrap, approx.. 36cm high x 30 cm wide x 3cm thick, very unusualy to get the full set as one

347 Mid Century Danish Teak Open Bookcases, featuring a angular frame, with 3 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed shelf, Measures 100cmw x 174cm H x 27cm D

349 Table Light, Made by Louis Poulsen, Model PH 3/2 Table Light, designed by Poul Henningsen, metal and chrome version, circa 1970’s Measures 56cm H x 46cm Diam, Rewired and Tested and tagged to Aust Standards

352 Mid Century Danish Teak Bookcase, featuring 2 doors to base, adjustable shelf

353 Danish Stoneware Centerpiece, Vivid Coloured glaze, circa 1990’s, signed below by Y Poal, Was informed that this was shown in a design show in Copenhagen in the 1990’s by a well known Danish Sculptor, Measures 45cm w x 38cm d x15cm h,

354 Lovely Small Teak Chest of Drawers, 3 Drawers

355 Stool, Teak, black leather upholstery

356 Easy Chair, Black Leather and Chrome frame

357 Easy Chair, By Bruno Matheson, reclining with beach frame, 1986, produced by Lindlofs Interiors AB Sweden

358 Lamp Table, Rosewood, Large Square

359 Copper and Black Metal Ceiling Light, approx 50cm Diam

360 Mid Century Danish Artwork, Abstract Design, Yellow &Black textured finish, signed bottom right LB, circa 1970’s, Measures 120cm W x 51cm H

361 Pair of Mid Century Wall Lights, Made By Le Klint, featuring the teak frame and iconic Le Klint folded shade with approx. 26cm Diam, circa 1960’s, marked to Teak frame Le Klint

362 Standard Light, Teak Base,

363 Stool, Rosewood, fabric covering

364 Ceiling Light, Large Plastic shade

365 Rosewood Table, Designed by Arne Vodder, made by Sibast Furniture, a beautiful bookmatched top, simple & elegant Arne Vodder legs, lovely angled extension panels that drop down, cross banded edging,Measure: 270cm (150cm not ext) X 100cm D X 72cm H,

367 "3 x Pendant Lights, Made by Louis Poulsen, Model PH5 Hanging Lights, designed by Poul Henningsen, two tone coloured with purple and white The fixture provides 100% glare-free light. "

369 7 x Dining Chairs, Designed by Steen Ostergaard of Norway and Made by Cado, Model Cado 290, Made in 1972

371 Teak Sideboard, 3 sliding bookmatched doors

374 Teak wall dividers/bookcase, comprising 3 sliding doors, fixed storage and shelf

375 Teak wall dividers/bookcase, comprising 2 sliding doors, fixed storage and shelving

376 Standard Lamp, Le Klint model Le Klint 325, adjustable angles, and height, makers marked below, light oak wooden framed, Metal base, signature folded shade, 150cm H The original design was designed by Vilhelm Wohlert as early as 1957.

378 4 x Pendant Lights, made by Lyfa Metalic and purple coloured, metal frame, 150W Max

379 Teak low sideboard, Norwegian, Designed by Arnt Sorheim of Norway, 4 Doors and 4 drawers, with relief design incised into from surfaces featuring 4 doors and 4 drawers, made by Sorheim Furniutre Norway, measures approx 207 cm W x 45cm D x 80cm H

380 Danish Sofa Bed, Rosewood frame, with blue wool upholstery, lift up rear that turns into a sofa bed. original wool coverings, no marks to upholstery, some slight sun lightening to side area of frame, Measures 196cm W x 78cm D x 80cm H

381 Leather Sofa, Black 3 seater, with rosewood legs Measures 190cm W X 70cm H X 85cm H,

382 Sofa Suite, Comprising, Teak single seat chair and 2 seater Sofa, light floral upholstery

384 Teak easy chair, unusual arms, Newly recovered

385 Pair of chrome easy chairs, with single piece of metal bent, wooden arms

388 Teak bureau Desk, 6 drawers, and folding down writing panel, fully outfitted

390 Table Light, Made by Louis Poulsen, Model Pathella table light (complete) Designed by Verner Panton measures 75cm H x 48cm D, Measures 75cm H x 50cm diam, circa 1970’s . The Panthella Table and Panthella Floor were designed by Verner Panton in 1971

392 mahogany office bookcase with 3 tambour doors, adjustable shelving

393 Teak sewing sidetable, with lift panel and drawer, cane wool basket

399 Teak two tier sidetable


402 Small Teak standard lamp, with new modern shade

403 luxo architect light

404 Kartell Magazine Rack

406 nest of tables, Teak frame with tile top

407 Teak sewing table, with drawer, cane basket

413 Finn Juhl Chieften Chair, One Collection,

414 Bruno Mathieson Easy Chair signed 1941

415 Andersen Signed Wall Plaque of lady

416 Rosewood desk by Arne Vodder. Produced by Sibast, 1960's.signature Front with drawers, 6 drawers, lockable 150 x 76 cm. H. 75 cm.

417 Easy Chair, Smoked oak, z shaped frame, original fabric covering

420 Dining Suite, Mahogany extension table with 8 chairs, designed by H W Klien for Bramin, Stamped below

421 Side Table with egg shaped, teak

422 Pair of Easy Chairs, Ole Wanscher stained beach, green upholstery, France & Son logo

423 Nest of Tables, Rosewood,

424 Easy Chair, Green Leather with timber legs, wingback style

426 Table Light, Fog & Murop Brass light

427 Chrome and black leather chaise/sofa bed

428 Desk, Rosewood, 6 drawers, made by Sibast, Designed by Arne Vodder

430 8 x Johannes Andersen teak dining chairs, made by Uldum Mobelfabrik,

431 2.8m Teak extension dining table

432 12 x Teak Dining Chairs, Designed by Poul Cadivious teak frame and papercord seat construction

433 Danish 2.5 person seat sofa, Made by Stouby Mobelfabrik, cognac coloured, some minor discolouration to leather, measures 175cm W x 85cm D x 73cm H (40cm to seat height)

434 Danish Beach Framed Easy chair with papercord seat and back

436 Pair of Danish Teak bedside cabinets, single drawer, and shelf, Measures 485mm H x 450 W x 340mm D



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